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Chimney Sweeping

As Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified sweeps, we know how detrimental operating a dirty chimney can be. And it’s not just an issue of experiencing inefficiency and smoke backup. Dirty chimneys can invite some serious, sometimes life-threatening, issues into your home as well.

We’re Committed to Clearing Out Your Creosote

Creosote is a combustible substance that forms in your chimney as wood is burned in the fireplace. It’s no secret that burning wood creates smoke, but with this smoke comes toxic fumes and vapors as well. And as all of these things flow up to the top of your chimney, they cool, condense, and turn into a dark and sticky substance that clings to your chimney’s interior walls – that’s creosote.

There are a few big problems with creosote:

  • It can easily catch on fire. Creosote is highly combustible, and if a lot of it builds up in your chimney, your chances of experiencing a chimney fire will increase substantially. Chimney fires are known for damaging your masonry, destroying chimney components, and making your fireplace unfit and unsafe for use. They’re also known for often occurring quietly, meaning you could have experienced once without realizing it.
  • It breaks down your bricks and mortar. Masonry is strong and durable, but it’s not resistant to everything. And creosote’s corrosive nature can slowly work to break it down more and more until you’re left with cracks, gaps, and holes that need professional attention.
  • It’s harmful to chimney liners. Like with your masonry, creosote can also break down your chimney liner, leaving both your home and system more vulnerable to further damage. Liners play a vital role in helping your fireplace operate safely, so doing everything to protect yours is a must – that means getting your sweeping booked right away.
  • It clogs things up. As creosote builds up, it can create some major blockages. This affects airflow, causing your system to run less efficiently and likely send smoke and other harmful fumes back into your home.

Are Animals In Your Flue?

Other big causes of chimney clogs are animals bringing in nesting materials and other debris. Momma birds, squirrels, and sometimes raccoons are known to pick chimneys as ideal spots for having babies. Who can blame them? These systems are cozy, offer reliable protection, and make their babies hard to access.

But come time to light things up, this isn’t an ideal scenario for anyone involved (i.e. the homeowner starting the fire OR the critters taking up residence). Investing in professional inspections and sweepings, though, can ensure animals are safely removed before smoke comes their way – and ends up circling back into your home.

We Also Sweep Furnace Flues

When’s the last time you’ve given your furnace flue any thought? …no recent dates coming to mind? You’re not alone. But if you can’t remember the last time yours has been professionally swept out, it’s definitely time to call our experts in.

It’s Time to Get Scheduled

Our chimney sweeping and inspection services include a thorough chimney inspection to keep you updated on what your chimney needs.

Waiting to book your sweeping is bound to lead to bigger issues – all of which could have been avoided with a quick service from us.

Avoid the hassle by booking today. Call 614-446-1221 or reach out online now.

Professional chimney cleaning and creosote removal in Johnstown OH & Newark OH