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Chimney Sweep, Repair & Fireplace Service In Sunbury, OH

Sunbury homeowners have trusted The Chimney Guys since 2004 for the services needed to keep their chimneys safe and working right. Here are some of the ways we can help you.

Professional chimney and fireplace cleaning in New Albany, OHChimney Sweeping & Inspection

Annual chimney sweeping is recommended by most every hearth and fire safety agency in the United States. Our technicians use specialized tools to remove flammable creosote and draft-blocking obstructions, such as leaves, twigs, animal nests and the occasional dead small animal.

Along with chimney sweeping, you should schedule an inspection with a reputable chimney company to uncover early signs of damage and malfunction. When we find something wrong, we know how to fix it fast.

Chimney & Fireplace Repairs in Sunbury

We repair chimney and fireplace systems from top to bottom. Call us first for:

  • Chimney (and furnace flue) liner repair and installation
  • Firebox rebuilding and restoration
  • Chimney masonry brick replacement and tuckpointing
  • Chimney crown repair and rebuilding
  • Installation of chimney caps, chase covers and other chimney tops
  • Chimney flashing replacement

and all other repair work needed to keep your chimney and fireplace running – and looking – great.

Chimney & Firebox Rebuilding | Masonry Repair

When a chimney or fireplace is severely damaged, we can rebuild it partially or completely. Our local Sunbury masons specialize in exceptional brick work and mortar tooling to restore safety and stability to all kinds of chimneys and fireplaces.

For less-severe damage to a chimney or fireplace, we often can replace compromised bricks and repair crumbling mortar to get it back in shape.

Common Chimney Problems Solved

Whatever is wrong with your chimney or fireplace, we know how to fix it.

  • Squeaky, inoperable fireplace dampers
  • Sluggish fires that won’t stay lit
  • Chimney drafting problems
  • Carbon monoxide leakage
  • Exterior chimney stains
  • Smelly chimneys
  • Leaky chimneys

Chimney & Furnace Flue Relining

The Chimney Guys specializes in chimney and furnace flue relining. A damaged liner can send dangerous combustion gases like carbon monoxide into your home. A damaged chimney liner will let heat and flames escape, possibly starting a house fire. Along with relining, we offer flue cleaning and licensed inspections.

Fireplaces & Stoves | Sales & Installation

Would you like a new fireplace or heating stove but don’t know where to start? Let us help you find the perfect new appliance for your Sunbury home that matches your heating needs and decorative tastes. We’ll then install the appliance in accordance with local and state codes.

  • Gas, wood and electric fireplaces
  • Gas and wood fireplace inserts
  • Gas and wood free-standing stoves
  • Gas log sets

Chimney Tops Installation

If the cover over the top of your chimney is damaged, water and debris can easily get into the flue. We install all types of chimney tops, from full-coverage custom chimney caps and chimney chase covers to basic flue cap covers and top-mount chimney dampers.

Gas fireplace cleaning, inspection and more in Sunbury, OHSunbury Gas Fireplace Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

Sunbury homeowners count on the gas technicians at The Chimney Guys to inspect, repair and maintain their gas-fueled fireplaces and stoves. They also rely on us to troubleshoot problems and come up with the correct solutions. Call us for gas fireplace and stove maintenance year-round.

Help for Your Sunbury Chimney & Fireplace

The Chimney Guys is ready to help with all your chimney and fireplace issues. Contact your local hearth experts today at (614) 446-1221 or use our handy contact form.