Leaky Chimney in Your Columbus Home? Schedule Repairs With Us ASAP

A leaky or water-damaged chimney isn’t something to put on the back burner. Neglecting necessary repairs and maintenance will only make matters worse, and it could cause damage throughout the rest of your home too (think ceiling/wall stains, rotted woodwork, mold accumulation, and more).

So, what can be done? Fortunately for those in Licking County, Franklin County, and more, our knowledgeable and reliable techs are here to help.

More About Our Leak Repair Services

Looking for the specifics on how we tackle and prevent chimney leaks and water damage? Here are the services and products we’re proud to offer: 

Custom Chimney Caps

A chimney cap sits on the very top of your chimney, protecting it from birds, rain, snow, woodland critters, sleet, and other debris – all while still allowing your chimney to vent through a mesh screen.

Custom Chase Covers

Chase covers are installed in place of chimney crowns and are a standard part of a prefabricated chimney’s setup. They help keep moisture, animals, and other materials out of your chimney’s interior.

Chimney Waterproofing

Without waterproofing, rain and other types of moisture would be able to easily soak into your masonry and wreak havoc. This especially becomes a problem during the winter when the freeze/thaw process occurs.

Chimney flashing

Your roof and chimney are made from completely different materials, so what happens to the area where these two components meet? It becomes super vulnerable. To avoid water-related damages and leaking, metal flashing pieces are installed, providing a reliable and protective barrier.

Crown Repair

Properly built crowns are essential for protecting your flue opening, as well as sending water away from the sides of your masonry chimney. Unfortunately, crowns of the past weren’t always constructed to last. We can assist with repairs or even a rebuild if necessary.

Book Your Spot With Our Friendly Crew

On top of being certified, experienced, and always up to date on industry changes, our techs are known for their friendly and approachable demeanor as well. Never hesitate to reach out with questions. We’re here to ensure you can use your fireplace with confidence season after season.

Ready to get started? Pick up the phone and dial 614-446-1221 to talk with us today, or you can start the appointment process online. We look forward to speaking soon!


Most of the time, your fireplace system works safely and effectively, but one day you might need our smoke and draft troubleshooting services. Please don’t hesitate to contact our chimney repair experts for help.