Interested in a Virtual Chimney Assessment? We Can Help With That

There are a number of reasons why an in-person appointment might not be possible. If this is the case for you, we’re proud to offer virtual chimney assessments.

What We Need From You

In order to get an accurate overview of your system, we’ll need the following things from you:

  • Four quality photos

The front of the fireplace

The inside of the firebox

The flue interior, looking up from the firebox

An exterior view of the chimney

  • An explanation of any issues or problems you’re experiencing

Once you’ve got this info gathered, simply submit it through the form here, and we’ll be in touch – it’s as quick and simple as that.

Just a Note

Please remember that this does not take the place of a professional chimney inspection and the accuracy of our assessment can be affected by the quality of the photos presented.

An assessment is just that – an assessment. We’ll give our opinion on the services you may need and provide a reasonable estimate. Once we come in person, the services required may be subject to change once we see things up close and personal.

We’ll Be In Touch

Once you send us your photos and info, you’re all set. We’ll be in touch soon!

Need to speak with us right away? No problem. Call 614-446-1221 to speak with one of our techs.

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