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Any chimney – whether it’s for a fireplace, stove, furnace, gas system, etc. – that’s regularly maintained every year is bound to last longer and face less damage than a system that’s neglected. Because of this, investing in professional services on a regular basis is a must.

For folks in Columbus, Licking County, and all of the surrounding areas, we’re the team to trust for it all.

We Sweep, Inspect & Assess Your Every Need

If you went to your doctor for a yearly checkup, it would probably be alarming if they only checked your blood pressure, then sent you on your way. You want to know if all parts of your body are in good health, as well as what areas (if any) need further attention.

Chimney care is no different, which is why we offer services that meet your every need and cover your system from top to bottom. Rely on us for:

Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweepings ensure harmful creosote, as well as animals, nesting materials, twigs, leaves, debris, and more aren’t clogging your flue or causing damage.

Chimney Inspection

We offer three levels of inspections, as well as virtual assessments and real estate chimney inspections. Ensure your system is in tip-top shape by booking with us.

Furnace Flue Cleaning

Furnace flue care is easy to put on the back burner, but don’t underestimate the importance of regular care. Ask us about your options today.

Gas Fireplace Service

Do you own a gas-fueled appliance? These systems are known for being low maintenance, but they still need professional care. Count on our techs for the job.

Sweep or Clean – Which Is It?

The term “cleaning” gets tossed around a lot in the chimney sweep industry, with clients often requesting a chimney cleaning, rather than a chimney sweeping. So, what’s the difference? Is there a difference? And which is the correct term?

The correct term is chimney sweeping. Realistically speaking, getting a chimney completely cleaned just isn’t a possibility. What we can do is sweep out the creosote, debris, and any other buildup that’s putting your system at risk of fire hazards, blockages, or gas leaks.

Rest assured, when we’re through, your system will be ready for use.

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