Relocating Soon? Add a Real Estate Chimney Inspection to Your Moving Checklist

Before closing on your new home, ensuring everything is in good repair (or making certain anything that’s NOT in good repair is worked into the cost of the home) is a must. Don’t get left with major chimney or fireplace repair costs after moving in – book a real estate chimney inspection with us.

What’s Included in a Real Estate Chimney Inspection?

A real estate inspection will consist of everything in a level 2 inspection. This includes:

  • an examination of accessible parts of the structure and flue
  • the use of common tools to remove panels or coverings to further inspect the system
  • determining whether or not clogs, buildup, or obstructions are present
  • a visual inspection through the use of video equipment
  • an examination of internal joints and surfaces
  • an assessment of clearances from combustibles
  • an examination of accessible interior and exterior components
  • a test of components to ensure they’re working properly
    Nice home with large chimney on the front and a garage on the left.  We also do real estate inspections.

    If any damages, clogs, hazards, leaks, or other issues or threats are spotted, your sweep will take note, empowering you to address concerns throughout the selling process.

    Doesn’t My Home Inspection Cover All This?

    No – your home inspection only consists of the most basic overview of your chimney and fireplace. This means only ready accessible and visible parts of your chimney will be overviewed. The inspector will look for obvious signs of damage and obstructions, ensure you have a functioning cap and damper, look out for any loose bricks, and… that’s about it.

    And if there are areas of concern, they’ll suggest you call in a professional sweep.

    In other words… they aren’t chimney experts. Now, we’re not selling them short. Home inspectors have an important job. But when it comes to your chimney, they don’t have the extensive knowledge we do about your system and how it should be functioning.

    If you want to ensure you’re not met with any unwelcome (and expensive) surprises when buying a home, be sure to hire us to take a look at the chimney beforehand.

    Make Moving Day Less Stressful By Calling on Us

    Moving house can be an exciting process, but there’s no denying it’s a hectic endeavor too. Let us ease your moving-related burdens by ensuring the chimney is in tip-top shape.

    Reach out to us by contacting us online or calling 614-446-1221 today.


    One type of chimney inspection we often provide is a virtual chimney assessment. Ask us for details.