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Manufactured Fireplaces

Is it time to upgrade your fireplace? Is your old masonry fireplace simply not producing the heat you desire? Is the builder-grade fireplace that came with your home starting to need too many repairs? Do you not have a fireplace but want one more than anything?

Your solution might be a new gas or wood manufactured fireplace by some of the top makers in the hearth industry. The Chimney Guys specialize in the installation of gas and wood fireplaces throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio, region. Let us tell you a little about these fantastic appliances.

What Is a “Manufactured Fireplace”?

Manufactured fireplaces are built in a factory, ready to be installed in your home. They include the necessary venting components and are designed for safe, reliable performance.

Most wall spaces in your home are suitable for placing your new fireplace. There’s no chimney to build or major construction to undertake. Our expert installation crew will make short work of your new gas or wood fireplace installation with minimal disruption to you.

Gas Fireplace Highlights

Here’s a quick overview of gas fireplaces that are available in a range of gorgeous design styles and finishes.

Simple to Operate

If convenience is important to you, go with gas. Modern gas fireplaces operate with a simple switch or remote, allowing you to start and stop fires quickly and easily control the temperature.

High Heat

The closed-combustion system in gas fireplaces allows the unit to retain the majority of the heat it produces and make it available to your room.

Versatile Placement

As noted, these appliances can be set in or near most any wall, including walls in smaller rooms like kitchens and bedrooms.

Low Maintenance

Very little cleaning and upkeep is involved with a manufactured gas fireplace. An occasional wiping down, along with an annual safety checkup, is about all the maintenance that’s needed.

Wood Fireplace Highlights

Wood fireplaces come in many unique styles and finishes to add instant elegance to any room. For lovers of real wood fires, here are some things you’ll want to know.

Authentic and Real

Manufactured wood fireplaces burn the same kinds of logs as traditional masonry fireplaces. You’ll enjoy authentic wood fires with their leaping flames and gentle aromas.


Wood is considered a “carbon-neutral” fuel; this means it adds no more pollution to the air when burning than when decaying in a forest. Strict EPA requirements ensure the most efficient operation.

Excellent Heat Source

As with gas fireplaces, the closed-combustion system retains most of the heat that wood fireplaces produce. Compare this to a standard masonry fireplace, which loses up to 90% of its heat up the chimney.

No Down Time

Should the power go out, your wood fireplace won’t. You’ll have heat and ambience around the clock.

Gas & Wood Fireplace Installation

The Chimney Guys will help you select the perfect new gas or wood fireplace for your home. We’ll then install it for you in strict compliance with local and state codes. When we do installation, it gets done right the first time.

Along with installation services, we provide inspections, cleaning and repairs for all types of fireplaces and chimney systems.

Since 2004, we’ve served customers in Columbus OH, Gahanna OH, New Albany OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Westerville OH, Heath OH, Blacklick OH, Powell OH, Grove City OH, Dublin OH, Hilliard OH, and many other Ohio communities.

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