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Leaky Chimney Repair

A leaky chimney is nothing to take lightly. Any time water moves into a chimney system, it can cause damage to many areas and components, eventually resulting in dangerous operating conditions and big expenses for repairs.

The Chimney Guys help homeowners throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio, region resolve their leaky chimney issues. We provide licensed chimney inspections, complete repair services and the replacement of damaged components.

Here’s what you need to know about leaky chimneys.

Stop leaks from your chimney in Mount Vernon OH & Delaware OHWhat Is a “Leaky Chimney”?

In our industry, we use the term “leaky chimney” to describe any situation in which water is getting into a chimney system. Leaks can originate in many parts of a chimney.

Common causes of chimney leaks include:

  • Cracked or missing masonry bricks
  • Crumbled mortar joints between the bricks
  • A damaged or missing chimney cap, flue cover or chase top
  • Cracks in the concrete chimney crown
  • Warped, rusted or separated chimney flashing

Leaks in these areas can be prevented by regular inspections and timely minor repairs, all of which we provide for our Columbus-area customers.

If You Ignore the Leak

A chimney leak that’s ignored can lead to:

  • Major masonry and structural damage
  • Damage to the chimney liner that will allow flames and deadly carbon monoxide to escape
  • Rotting in walls, ceilings, flooring and other parts of your home
  • Rusted, inoperable fireplace damper
  • Firebox damage
  • Inefficient drafting of smoke and combustion gases
  • Mold growth and musty smells

Chimney Leak Damage Repair

If water has damaged your chimney, we know how to resolve the problem.

Chimney Crown Leak Repair

We can repair and seal moderately damaged crowns. In extreme cases, we’ll rebuild the crown from scratch.

When we create new crowns, we do it right, with a minimum two-inch overhang and a minimum thickness of two inches at the crown’s thinnest point.

Masonry Leak Repair

Porous bricks absorb water, which is damaging in its natural state. When the water freezes and expands, bricks can literally fall apart. Mortar, like bricks, is vulnerable to moisture and will eventually begin to crumble.

We provide brick replacement, tuckpointing to repair damaged mortar joints, and complete chimney rebuilding when necessary.

Component Leak Repair

Leaks in components can sometimes be repaired, but we usually recommend replacing damaged chimney caps, chase covers, flue covers and chimney flashing.

Each of these components is critical for the safe and efficient operation of a chimney. If any of them are completely missing from your system, arrange to have them installed right away.

Chimney Liner Damage

If your clay tile liner has been damaged by a chimney leak, we use the HeatShield system to safely reline it and smooth out the surfaces. We also install sturdy new stainless-steel chimney liners.

A Level 2 video chimney inspection will tell us the exact condition of your liner so we can fix it correctly.

Professional tuckpointing in New Albany OH & Canal Winchester OHStop Chimney Leaks Now

The Chimney Guys is standing by to help with every type of leaky chimney issue. We also provide CSIA-certified chimney sweeping, licensed inspections, complete chimney repairs, and professional installations of fireplaces and stoves.

Since 2004, we’ve kept chimneys running right in Columbus OH, Pickerington OH, Gahanna OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Westerville OH, Dublin OH, Heath OH, Blacklick OH, Grove City OH, Lewis Center OH, Canal Winchester OH, and many other Ohio communities.

Reach us at (614) 446-1221 or get in touch with our contact form.