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Chimney Chase Covers

Factory-built chimneys come with chases around their exteriors and end with chimney chase covers on top. Chase covers (also called chase “tops”) are designed to protect the entire top of the chimney. Over time, they can become rusted, cracked, warped or otherwise damaged. Problems are then sure to happen.

The Chimney Guys install sturdy new chimney chase covers throughout the Columbus, Ohio, region. Here are some things you’ll want to know if you have a factory-built chimney.

Chase cover installation in Westerville OH & Columbus OHChase Cover Design

Chimney chase covers include a flat protective piece, a storm collar that wraps around the protruding flue liner, and a housing that shields the opening of the flue.

Chase tops are typically made of one of four materials:

Galvanized steel: Economical, but prone to rusting.

Aluminum: No rusting, but the soft material makes it not the best choice for a chase cover.

Copper: Beautiful, rust-resistant and quite expensive.

Stainless steel: Won’t rust and is economically priced. Stainless steel is the material of choice for most chase cover applications.

What a Chase Cover Does

A quality chimney chase cover will bring you two very important benefits:

Keeps rain and snow out of the chimney

When moisture invades a chimney, it can rot the wooden chase, deteriorate the chimney liner, rust out the fireplace damper, damage the firebox, and start an outbreak of mold. This won’t happen with a well-fitted chase top.

Water-damages chimney systems are one of the biggest reasons homeowners in the Columbus area contact chimney repair companies. A secure chimney chase top prevents many types of chimney repairs.

Prevents certain flue obstructions

An open chimney top is an invitation for small animals and their nests. Leaves and twigs from nearby trees can also get into flues. All this junk will create a drafting obstruction that can send smoke and deadly carbon monoxide into your home. Chase covers keep out the debris.

Along with tree debris and nests, it’s not uncommon to find the bodies of dead animals in unprotected chimneys. Not only will this add to the obstruction, it can also present a health and safety risk.

Chimney Chase Cover Inspections

If your chase cover is rusted, warped or in some other way damaged, schedule an inspection with our crew. We’ll evaluate the condition of the component and advise you on the best plan of action to resolve the problem before heavy-duty repairs are needed.

In most cases – especially if the chase cover is made of cheap galvanized steel or aluminum – we’ll recommend replacing it with a sturdy and economical stainless-steel model that will serve you well for many years.

Protect your chimney with a new chase cover installation in Blacklick OH & Westerville OHCall Your Columbus Chimney Chase Experts

The Chimney Guys is ready to help with chimney chase top inspections and professional installations. We also provide chimney sweeping, general repair work and the installation of fireplaces and stoves.

Since 2004, we’ve served customers in Columbus OH, Pickerington OH, New Albany OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Westerville OH, Heath OH, Dublin OH, Lewis Center OH, Grove City OH, Canal Winchester OH, Galloway OH, and many other Ohio communities.

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