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Chimney Masonry Repairs

A well-built chimney may last up to 75 years in the cold, damp weather we have here in the Columbus, Ohio, area. Most chimneys start to have problems quite a while before that. 

The Chimney Guys provide expert chimney masonry repairs, including brick replacement, tuckpointing, sealing, restorations and complete rebuilding. Here’s a little about this important work.

Chimney damage repair in Columbus OH and Gahanna OHPrimary Causes of Masonry Damage

The bricks and mortar that make up a chimney are susceptible to various types of damage that can shorten their lifespan.

They include:

  • Water intrusion
  • Lightning, hail, earthquakes and other natural disasters
  • Poor-quality bricks and mortar used in construction
  • Chimney fires
  • Corrosion from flue gasses and acids
  • Heat from inside the flue; freezing outside temperatures
  • Plain old age

Masonry Repair Strategies

We employ skilled masons who know how to repair, rebuild, and restore your damaged masonry. Here are our strategies.

Brick Replacement

When just some of the chimney bricks are spalling and cracking, we’ll replace them with well-made bricks of the same color for uniformity. If fragile bricks remain in the masonry structure, you could be looking at an eventual leaning chimney or a collapse.

Historic Chimney Restoration

If you have a historic home with a chimney that’s in need of repair or restoration, let us bring back the beauty and ensure a safe operation for many years to come.


This skilled process involves removing decayed mortar between bricks and replacing it with a strong new compound. 

Our expert technicians finish with proper packing, tooling, and shaping to revive your chimney's original beauty. Tuckpointing secures the bricks and restores structural strength, which increases the safety of you home. 

Masonry Water Repellent

After repair work is complete, we can apply a water repellant to the entire exterior of the masonry. This will block intruding water in the future while allowing built-up condensation beneath the sealant to escape through a vapor-permeable barrier.

Watch for These Signs

There are several signs that tell you it might be time for some masonry repair work:

  • Dusty, crumbling mortar on the roof near the chimney
  • Obvious cracks in the bricks
  • Bricks that are loose to the touch
  • Missing bricks
  • Gaps between the bricks
  • Evidence of a water leak (musty smells, discolored walls and ceiling, rusted damper, etc.)

If you notice these signs or anything else “unusual” about your chimney, give us a call. We’ll start with an inspection to determine exactly what the problem is, why it’s happening and what to do about it.

Complete Chimney Rebuilding

For very severe damage, we can completely rebuild the chimney. Chimney rebuilding includes the addition of all the necessary components, such as the chimney cap, chimney crown and chimney liner.

Professional masonry repair in Columbus OH and Johnstown OH

Repair Your Chimney Masonry for Safety and Beauty

Chimney masonry repairs shouldn’t be put off. Like with most things, problems won’t get better on their own. Our licensed and certified chimney technicians are standing by to help with masonry repair and rebuilding work, chimney sweeping, chimney inspections and complete fireplace and stove installations.

Since 2004, we’ve offered professional masonry services throughout Columbus OH, Gahanna OH, Pickerington OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Westerville OH, Heath OH, Granville OH, Johnstown OH, Hilliard OH, Powell OH, Delaware OH, and many other Ohio communities.

Reach us at (614) 446-1221 or get in touch with our contact form.