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Gas-Burning Fireplace Inserts

Are you tired of messing with an inefficient masonry fireplace, never getting enough heat and always having to clean up after it? Your solution might be to transform that old fireplace with a powerful new gas-burning fireplace insert.

The Chimney Guys make these transformations happen for our customers throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio, region. If you’ve got the masonry fireplace blues, here’s some stuff that will cheer you up.

Fireplace insert installation in Pataskala OH & Pickerington OHGas Fireplace Inserts 101

Think of a gas insert as a fireplace in a box. It’s made in a factory by top names in the hearth industry, such as Valor and Regency, and designed to fit right into your masonry fireplace’s firebox. Instead of wood logs, it sends flames through an authentic-looking log set.

Installation involves connecting the unit to a natural gas or propane line and running the venting pipe up the existing chimney. Gas inserts are simple appliances, but they bring big benefits.

High Heat

Clean-burning gas fireplace inserts produce far more heat than any traditional wood-burning masonry fireplace. The reason? A closed combustion system causes the insert to hold on to its heat. The result? Three to four times more heat in your room.

Lower Heating Bills

With its efficient use of fuel, your insert will cost you less to run than a traditional open fireplace. Gas-burning fireplace inserts are EPA-certified to operate with amazing efficiency while sending minimal emissions into the environment.

Easy to Use

You don’t build fires in a gas insert; rather, you just turn them on. A switch or remote gets the flames blazing and turns them off just as fast. A built-in thermostat lets you easily control the temperature in the room.

Minimal Maintenance

What many Columbus homeowners love most about gas-burning fireplace inserts is the minimal amount of maintenance. These appliances don’t require chimney sweeping to remove creosote (like with wood fireplaces), and the firebox remains amazingly clean use after use. Generally, all that’s required is an annual safety checkup with one of our experienced gas fireplace inspectors.

No Mess

You don’t chop, haul or store logs with a gas insert. You don’t have wood chips, detached bark and little bugs to deal with. You don’t have to go to a forest and chop stuff down. There’s no sweeping, vacuuming or scrubbing. All you have to do is enjoy the appliance.


Valor and Napoleon fireplace inserts come in a wide range of attractive sizes, shapes, finishes and design styles. No matter what model you select, it will instantly magnify the ambience in your room and bring you beauty and elegance to enjoy for many years to come.

Install a new gas burning fireplace insert in Newark OH & Dublin OHGas Fireplace Insert Installation in Columbus

If you’ve decided to retire your masonry fireplace and move up to a powerful gas insert, let us help you choose the ideal model for your home and then install it correctly and safely.

Our certified crew installs in compliance with all local and state codes for building and fire safety. We know how to do the job right the first time.

The Chimney Guys is here to help with insert installations as well as safety inspections, general maintenance and repairs when needed.

Since 2004, we’ve served customers in Columbus OH, Pickerington OH, Reynoldsburg OH, New Albany OH, Mount Vernon OH, Hilliard OH, Powell OH, Blacklick OH, Grove City OH, Galloway OH, Dublin OH, and many other Ohio communities.

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