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Your fireplace, whether it’s a masonry fireplace or one that was factory-built, is the scene of some intense activity. Very high heat, flames and corrosive gases are the order of the day inside a modern fireplace’s firebox.

At one point, all this heating and then cooling-down activity will take its toll. When this happens, The Chimney Guys are ready to help with licensed firebox repair services.

Firebox rebuilding in Sunbury OH & Reynoldsburg OHFirebox Construction

Occasionally, we’ll see fireboxes made with standard bricks and mortar, which is a recipe for disaster. Properly built fireboxes use special refractory bricks and panels that withstand very high temperatures and hold up well for many years.

This is important because it’s not uncommon for the environment inside a firebox to have temperatures of 900 degrees Fahrenheit and higher.

But even the best-built fireboxes will eventually begin to weaken. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen instantly. There will be signs for you to watch for along the way.

Does Your Firebox Need Attention?

Here are four clues that your firebox is beginning to fail.

1. Brick and panel issues: Do you see cracks or holes in the brick work or panels? Push on the surfaces. Are they loose and unstable? These problems can allow dangerous combustion gases and flames to escape the fireplace.

2. Mortar issues: Use a screwdriver to gently scrape the mortar joints between the bricks. If the mortar crumbles easily, we need to take a look at it.

3. Combustion issues: Do fires burn briefly and then go out? Do you get more smoke than you think you should? If either is happening, damage in the firebox may be causing a drafting problem.

4. Buildup issues: Are the walls of the firebox coated with thick layers of creosote and soot? These layers can lead to acidic surface deterioration.

Firebox Repair and Rebuilding

Our crew of trained masons can reverse the problems with any style of masonry or factory-built firebox. In cases of minor damage, quality brick replacement and tuckpointing to repair mortar joints are often sufficient to bring the unit back to peak efficiency and safety.

We can repair or replace entire panels if they’re damaged. We can also repair or rebuild the firebox floor.

In cases of severe damage, our masons can completely rebuild your firebox, making it strong and sturdy again and ready to give you many years of safe, predictable service.

Firebox Inspection

The first step to solving issues with fireboxes is a proper inspection. The Chimney Guys will examine every inch of your firebox for the smallest signs of damage. We’ll listen to you as you tell us about the issues you’re having with how the fireplace looks and operates.

This inspection will tell us exactly what the problem is, why it’s happening and how to fix it. It will also tell us if the problem is one that can be prevented in the future; if so, we’ll share that information with you.

Firebox repairs and rebuilds available in New Albany OH & Columbus OHHave Your Firebox Repaired or Rebuilt by Experts

The Chimney Guys is here to help with complete firebox repair and rebuilding services by expert masons. We also offer certified chimney sweeping, chimney repairs and the installation of fireplaces and stoves.

Since 2004, we’ve restored fireboxes throughout Columbus OH, Pickerington OH, Westerville OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Newark OH, Heath OH, Blacklick OH, Grove City OH, Dublin OH, Granville OH, Powell OH, and many other Ohio communities.

Reach us at (614) 446-1221, or get in touch with our contact form.