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Chimney Flue Caps

Are you running your chimney without a flue caps? Is the flue cap you have warped, rusted or deteriorated? Both of these scenarios can lead to serious trouble for your chimney.

The Chimney Guys provides complete installation of quality chimney flue caps throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio, region. Here’s how this critical component can help protect your chimney and home.

Chimney caps, covers and other installations in Heath OH & Hilliard OHWhat Is a Flue Cap?

A flue cap is like a hat with a solid top and mesh sides that goes on the protruding flue pipe at the top of the chimney. Unlike full-width chimney caps, flue caps protect only the opening of the flue.

Layers of Protection

A quality flue cap offers your chimney several layers of protection.

Animal Intrusion

Birds, squirrels, rodents and other small animals like to get into chimneys and use them for shelter and birthing grounds. Nesting materials can lead to drafting problems that cause smoke and carbon monoxide to back up. Some of these animals can find their way into your home.

Tree Debris Accumulation

Along with animal nests, flues are often obstructed by leaves and twigs from nearby trees. All this debris not only obstructs, it can also become fuel for a chimney fire. None of this will happen with a sturdy flue cap.

Mold Growth

Moist, poorly ventilated environments are perfect places for mold to grow. Open chimney flues with water coming in from the top are notorious for starting outbreaks of harmful mold that can spread throughout a home.

Water & Chimney Liner Damage

Water is the #1 enemy of chimney systems. When allowed to run down into the flue, water from rain, snow and ice can damage the chimney liner and lead to the escape of flames, heat, acids and combustion gases. Damaged liners are responsible for a number of reported house fires in Columbus each year.

A compromised chimney liner can also send deadly carbon monoxide into the air within a home. Finally, the acids in combustion gases and smoke condensate can cause rotting in materials of the home adjacent to the flue.

Masonry Damage

Long-term contact with intruding water can deteriorate the interior masonry surfaces of your chimney, leading to many structural issues and possibly a collapsed chimney.


Water mixed with creosote and soot in the flue will create a horrible smell that can permeate your home.

Chimney Flue Cap Installation

If your flue cap is failing, our crew will solve the problem quickly to prevent all the above chimney problems caused by water intrusion from the top. We’ll inspect your chimney and let you know if we spot any signs of collateral damage. We can also clean your flue at this time if it’s needed.

A good flue cap is one of the most economical ways to save on huge chimney repair bills and keep your chimney system working safely and efficiently year after year.

Chimney flue cover installation in Sunbury OH & Columbus OHCall Your Columbus Chimney Experts

The Chimney Guys is standing by to help with all your chimney needs, from flue cap installations and chimney sweeping to chimney repairs, inspections and the installation of fireplaces and stoves.

Since 2004, we’ve served customers in Columbus OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Pataskala OH, Mount Vernon OH, Westerville OH, Blacklick OH, Hilliard OH, Canal Winchester OH, Powell OH, Dublin OH, Lewis Center OH, and many other Ohio communities.

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