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Heatshield Lining System

Chimney liners are key safety components in a chimney system. While the recent trend is toward stainless-steel flue liners, many chimneys in and around Columbus, OH, are outfitted with liners built from clay tiles.

When clay tile liners become damaged or start to fail, serious problems are likely to occur. The Chimney Guys provides complete HeatShield liner repair and relining services that are overseen by our own National Chimney Sweep Guild Certified Chimney Reliner. Here’s what you need to know about this important work.

Heatshield liner sealant tile flue liner service in Columbus OH and Mount Vernon OHHow HeatShield Works

For mortar joint repair, HeatShield is applied with a foam blade that pushes the sealant into gaps within the joints.

When done correctly, this completely fills in and smooths out the affected mortar joints.

Complete Relining

For relining the entire flue, a plug is placed at the bottom of the flue and attached to a winch at the top. Sealant is poured in, and the plug is drawn up, evenly coating the flue surfaces. A ceramic insulation sleeve is then added on top of the sealant. Finally, a second coating of sealant is applied over the sleeve.

Chimney Liner Inspection

A video inspection of the chimney liner should be performed if:

  • You notice chunks of tiles in your firebox
  • The chimney is drafting sluggishly
  • Smoke is backing up into the home

If pieces of flue tiles are in the firebox, there’s definitely a problem with your liner. Sluggish drafting and smoke backups could point to a liner issue, but there can be other causes, such as obstructive debris and creosote buildup in the flue. A proper inspection will tell us what we’re dealing with.

The Danger of a Damaged Clay Tile Chimney Liner

After years of intense heat and possibly a number of small chimney fires, clay tile chimney liners can begin to crack, split and fall apart. This can lead to big problems, including:

Deadly carbon monoxide

This gas will easily escape from a compromised liner and move into the air within your home.

Heat and flames

A liner with breaks and gaps will allow heat and flames to come into contact with the chimney’s interior masonry surfaces and adjacent home building materials.


Creosote and certain combustion gases, which are all highly acidic, can also escape a damaged liner and harm the chimney masonry and parts of the home.

Rough surfaces

Compromised clay tile liners often have rough surface areas that can cause smoke to draft inefficiently and back up into the home.

Professional heatshield service. Tile flue liner sealant in Powell OH & Columbus OH

The Solution is HeatShield

The Chimney Guys has had phenomenal success with HeatShield Cerfractory Flue Sealant for repairing clay tile liners and relining entire systems. HeatShield has become the industry standard for addressing mortar joint damage as well as system-wide deterioration of clay liners.

Is it Time for HeatShield Liner Service?

The Chimney Guys is standing by to help with all your chimney needs, from HeatShield repair and relining to CSIA-certified chimney sweeping, general chimney repairs and the installation of fireplaces and stoves.

Since 2004, we’ve served customers in Columbus OH, Westerville OH, Pickerington OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Newark OH, Powell OH, Gahanna OH, Hilliard OH, Grove City OH, Heath OH, Canal Winchester OH, and many other Ohio communities.

If your have and questions or would like to schedule an expert service please feel free to give us a call at (614) 446-1221, or get in touch with our contact form.