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Freestanding Gas Stoves

Do you have an old builder-grade fireplace that’s seen better days? Is your masonry fireplace nice to look at but a failure at bringing heat to your home? Would you like the ultimate in convenience, safety, and beauty in a supplemental heating appliance?

Gas stove installation in Pataskala OH & Reynoldsburg OHThen it’s time to look at the line of freestanding gas heating stoves by Regency and Valor, two recognized leaders in gas stove design and technology. It’s also time to get with The Chimney Guys to help you select the perfect model for your Columbus home and then professionally install it for you.

When you bring home a new gas stove, you’re bringing home a lot.

High Heat

Gas stoves are major heat producers, especially when compared to standard open masonry fireplaces. They’re the right choice for heating both large and small rooms.

Lower Heating Bills

It’s hard to beat a powerful gas stove for quickly reducing your heating bills. Because of their high heat production and stingy fuel economy, you’ll save money while enjoying one of the most attractive amenities you could add to your home.

Easy to Use

Want heat? Flip a switch or button. Too hot? A built-in thermostat lets you easily control the temperature. Done using the stove? It turns off in an instant. If you desire convenience and simplicity, a modern gas stove is the only way to go.

Heating Efficiency

Today’s gas heating stoves come with heat efficiency ratings of 60% and higher. This means your stove will retain and make available most of the heat it produces. Masonry fireplaces, by comparison, lose up to 90% of their heat right up the chimney.


Designed to run on either natural gas or propane, Regency and Valor gas stoves meet or exceed EPA requirements for emissions. They burn clean and add minimal pollution to the environment.

Beautiful Designs

Regency and Valor offer a variety of models in many sizes, colors and design styles, and any of them will add a stunning accent to the décor of your room. A new gas provides a soothing, elegant backdrop for parties, gatherings, social events and just relaxing with the family after a long day.

Install Anywhere

With their heavy-duty insulation and strong construction, your new stove can be installed virtually anywhere you choose in your Columbus home. A simple pipe is all the venting that’s required, so they make wonderful additions to large rooms as well as kitchens, bedrooms and other smaller rooms.

Gas freestanding stove installation in Pataskala OH & Westerville OH

Gas Heating Stove Installation in Columbus

The Chimney Guys specialize in the professional installation of a full range of stoves and fireplaces.

When we install your new gas freestanding stove, it will be done in strict compliance with Ohio state and local building and safety codes. We’ll then fire up your stove and walk you through its operation, making sure you know how to use it and get the most out of it in the coming years.

Our crew is ready to help with licensed stove installations, maintenance services and repair work for all your supplemental heating appliances.

Since 2004, we’ve served customers in Columbus OH, Westerville OH, Pataskala OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Newark OH, Hilliard OH, Blacklick OH, Powell OH, Gahanna OH, Groveport OH, Lewis Center OH, and many other Ohio communities.

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