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Durable Stainless-Steel Liner Installation

The Chimney Guys installs top-quality stainless-steel chimney liners throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio, region. Our liner work is overseen by a Certified Chimney Reliner (CCR) who just so happens to be one of our owners. The CCR designation is awarded by the National Chimney Sweep Guild to chimney professionals who, through their experience and rigorous testing, have demonstrated top-level competency in flue safety, liner installation, local code compliance, liner repair and more.

Here are a few things that might be helpful for you to know about chimney liners and the relining process.

Chimney liner installation and replacement in Columbus OH and Galloway OHThe Job of a Stainless-Steel Chimney Liner

Draft smoke

Smooth liner walls allow smoke from the fireplace to move easily up the flue and out of your home.  Stainless-steel chimney liners provide an excellent path for efficient drafting.

Create an optimal air uptake

The diameter and height of the flue liner must be correct for its fireplace in order to ensure a proper draft. Chimney liner installation takes the fireplace type into account when determining the right liner size.

Contain high heat and sometimes flames

Chimney liners keep high combustion temperatures from spreading to other parts of the chimney system and the home. Should a chimney fire happen (and they happen more often than most people realize), a good liner will work to contain the flames.

Move harmful combustion gases up and out

Carbon monoxide is the most dangerous of a fireplace’s combustion gases. It’s invisible and odorless, but potentially deadly. Chimney liners provide the channel to move this and other gases up and out of your chimney.

Prevent chimney deterioration

Creosote and certain flue gases contain acids that can deteriorate interior chimney masonry if they stay in contact with it. Chimney liners keep acidic substances away from the masonry.

Chimney Liners Are Required

There are two reasons to install a new chimney liner. One is if your chimney doesn’t have a liner, a common scenario in older historic homes. Many older homes were built at a time when there were no regulations pertaining to chimney liners. Since the 1950s, most U.S. jurisdictions require that all newly built chimneys be built with chimney liners. The other reason is if the liner you do have has begun to fail.

The three most common materials for chimney liners are stainless steel, terra cotta (clay) tile and poured-in-place compounds. When given the choice, we’ll always recommend flexible stainless steel.

Chimney liner installation in Columbus OH and Mount Vernon OHDoes Your Chimney Liner Need Repair or Replacing?

The only way to know if your chimney liner is damaged is through a proper chimney inspection that uses video imaging to look down into the flue.

The Chimney Guys provides this service for homeowners in and around the Columbus area.

When it’s time to replace or repair your liner, our chimney relining technicians are ready to get to work.

Along with relining and chimney inspections, we offer chimney sweeping, chimney repairs and the installation of fireplaces and stoves.

Since 2004, we’ve installed top-grade stainless-steel chimney liners in Columbus OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Pataskala OH, Mount Vernon OH, Westerville OH, Heath OH, Johnstown OH, Hilliard OH, Blacklick OH, Dublin OH, Powell OH, and many other Ohio communities.

If your have any questions or would like to schedule an expert service, we are here to help! Give us call at (614) 446-1221, or get in touch with our contact form.