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Chimney Repair & Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

If your chimney has been damaged, your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover the cost of repair or refurbishment. Then again, it may not. When dealing with chimney damage, it's important to know the kinds of damage homeowner’s policies typically cover, the importance of getting a second opinion on work and how to prevent damage in the future.

The Chimney Guys provides complete chimney inspection and repair services throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio, area. We can fix your chimney, and we can provide an expert second opinion on quotes you’ve received. We can also help you keep your chimney operating safely and correctly.

Chimney damage and homeowner's insurance in Columbus OH and Westerville OHChimney Damage That’s Usually Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance

Most policies cover repairs for chimney damage caused by unexpected events, such as:

  • Heavy winds
  • Hail
  • Falling trees
  • Lightning
  • Earthquakes
  • Some chimney fires

Insurance carriers usually won’t pay for damage that was caused by what they call “expected” events. Expected events happen because of homeowner neglect, such as not having your chimney cleaned and inspected regularly or letting unskilled laborers do repairs or component replacements on your chimney.

Second Opinions on Chimney Work

Part of the insurance claim process is providing the carrier with several estimates. If you’ve already received an estimate, let The Chimney Guys supply a knowledgeable second opinion.

Second opinions aren’t only valuable for comparing costs; they also can alert you to issues that the first inspection and appraisal may have missed. Like the old saying, “Two sets of eyes are better than one,” a second opinion on chimney work can save you time, hassle and money.

Maintaining Your Chimney

You can avoid a lot of chimney problems by:

  • Having the chimney professionally swept once a year
  • Scheduling an annual diagnostic inspection
  • Burning dry firewood, which creates much less smoke and therefore less creosote
  • Alerting your chimney company anytime you notice anything unusual in the appearance or operation of your chimney system

Working with the Experts Decreases the Chances of Preventable Chimney Damage

Homeowner’s insurance normally won’t cover these and other problems when the insurer determines that they could have been prevented.

Neglect and poor workmanship can result in:

  • A leaning or collapsed chimney
  • Chimney fires
  • System-wide chimney leaks
  • Backups of smoke and deadly carbon monoxide
  • Damage to the adjacent roof, attic and house walls
  • Damage to the chimney liner
  • Interior and exterior chimney masonry damage

Chimney cleaning professionals in Columbus OH and New Albany OHCall Us for Chimney Repairs and Second Opinions

The Chimney Guys offers CSIA-certified chimney inspections and repairs throughout the Columbus, OH, region. We understand your chimney from the ground up and know exactly what’s needed to keep it running safely and efficiently. We’re here to help with all types of chimney repairs as well as chimney rebuilding, chimney cleaning, licensed chimney inspections and complete installations of fireplaces and stoves.

Since 2004, we’ve served customers in Columbus OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Westerville OH, Newark OH, Pataskala OH, Johnstown OH, Heath OH, Blacklick OH, Powell OH, Dublin OH, Grove City OH, and many other Ohio communities.

Reach us at (614) 446-1221, or get in touch with our contact form.