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Manufactured Gas Fireplaces

Are you debating between a new wood fireplace and a new gas fireplace? As lovely and nostalgic as wood fireplaces are, they do require some work to clean and maintain. Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, require virtually zero maintenance. This is just one of the many differences between these two types of fireplaces.

The Chimney Guys install premier gas fireplaces throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio, region. We help our customers save on heating expenses while beautifying their homes in ways they never before imagined.

Gas fireplace installations in Reynoldsburg OH & New Albany OHManufactured Gas Fireplaces

The fireplaces we install are factory-made by some of the leading names in the hearth industry. They’re sturdy and safe, with solid construction and heavy-duty insulation that allows them to operate close to walls and other objects within the home.

Let’s look at a few key benefits of owning a gas fireplace.

The Convenience Factor

A gas fireplace brings ultimate convenience. You turn it on and off with a switch or remote. You control the thermostat to keep your room at just the right temperature. Maintenance? Mainly, you’ll wipe down the parts and run a vacuum now and then. The Chimney Guys will perform an annual safety checkup.

Consistent, Reliable Heat

If it’s heat you’re after, you’re in the right place. Today’s gas fireplaces produce plenty of heat, thanks to a closed-combustion system that retains most of the warmth they generate. Open masonry fireplaces, by comparison, lose nearly all of their heat up the chimney.

Easy Installation

Your new gas fireplace can be installed in or near most any wall in your home, and you won’t have to build a chimney or make any major modifications. As long as there’s space for the included vent pipe to be run to the outside of the house, you’re in business. This makes these appliances very convenient for zone heating in kitchens, bedrooms and other smaller rooms.

Gorgeous Appearance

Gas fireplaces are designed with not only function but also beauty in mind. You’ll be amazed by the variety of design styles, finishes and shapes available, making it easy to bring home an amenity that instantly enhances the elegance of any room.

Exciting Firebox Visuals

Your fireplace will use gas logs that resemble real wood logs with their bark patterns, curious shapes and natural colors. Gas logs bring authenticity to any fireplace design. Add special gas fireplace pebbles, rocks and other firebox amenities for a striking backdrop.

Natural Gas or Propane

Modern gas fireplaces can run on either natural gas or propane fuel. Our crew will run the necessary gas lines.

Gas manufactured fireplaces in Reynoldsburg OH & Pickerington OHGas Fireplace Installation

The Chimney Guys specializes in fireplace installations that comply with all local and state codes for building and fire safety. We’ll help you select the perfect new gas fireplace model for your home and then install it for you safely and correctly.

Along with installations, we provide licensed inspections, repairs and other services for all types of fireplace and chimney systems.

Since 2004, we’ve served customers in Columbus OH, Westerville OH, Gahanna OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Pataskala OH, Hilliard OH, Blacklick OH, Grove City OH, Dublin OH, Canal Winchester OH, Heath OH, and many other Ohio communities.

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