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Historic Chimney Restoration | Columbus OH

Do you have an older home with a chimney that’s in dire need of an upgrade? Historic chimney restoration will not only beautify your chimney, but it will also add safety that the chimney probably never had.

The Chimney Guys provide expert historic chimney restoration services throughout the Columbus, Ohio, region. Let’s look at what’s involved in this exciting project.

Chimney liner installation and historic chimney repair in Pickerington OH & Columbus OHWhy Historic Chimneys Fail

Chimneys – like every other part of a home – are subject to the effects of aging. While a historic home may still be going strong after 75 or 100 years, chimneys don’t last that long.

Here are seven common issues we find in older chimneys in the Columbus area:

No chimney liner

Historic chimneys often were built without a chimney liner. Today, we know that a sturdy stainless-steel chimney liner is a great way to protect the chimney and the house from fire and smoke damage.

Significant brick damage

Old bricks eventually crack, and inferior-quality bricks crack sooner. Brick damage can mean the loss of structural integrity and an open door for water to flow in and worsen the problem.

Mortar decay

When chimney mortar reaches a certain age, you’ll notice it crumbling and falling away from its seal between the bricks. Too much of this, and the chimney could begin to lean or collapse.

Cracked chimney crowns

Concrete chimney crowns on historic chimneys are often cracked, split or completely deteriorated. The result is water spreading through the interior areas of the chimney.

Evidence of widespread water intrusion

Intruding rain and melting snow affect not only the masonry but also chimney liners, fireplace dampers and materials of the home near the chimney.

Deteriorated chimney flashing

The flashing that seals the gap between the chimney and the roof can separate, warp and rust out. The older the flashing, the more likely this will happen and let water run down into the home.

Problems with the chimney footing

The footing base at the bottom of the chimney can deteriorate over time. It can also shift with the soil around it. Footing issues with historic chimneys can cause the structure to lean and damage parts of the home.

How We Do Historic Chimney Restoration

The Chimney Guys have a full bag of strategies and techniques to take a deteriorating historic chimney and make it safe and beautiful again. Here are a few of our historic chimney restoration services:

Chimney relining: We’ll add a new stainless-steel chimney liner for years of solid protection.

Masonry repair: Replacement of faded, cracked bricks and brand-new mortar joints (tuckpointing) will beautify and strengthen your historic chimney.

Smoke chamber parging: Located just above the firebox, smoke chambers can become rough, cracked, and split over the years. Parging smooths out the surfaces.

Fireplace damper replacement: Is your damper the one that came with the chimney? If so, it probably needs to be replaced.

Chimney restoration in Columbus OH and Mount Vernon OHLet’s Get Your Historic Chimney Into Shape

If your older chimney needs work, we’re your Columbus restoration specialists.

We offer this important service as well as certified chimney sweeping, inspections and fireplace and stove installations. 

Since 2004, The Chimney Guys has served customers in Columbus OH, Westerville OH, Pataskala OH, Gahanna OH, Heath OH, Canal Winchester OH, Powell OH, Hilliard OH, Grove City OH, Granville OH, Lewis Center OH, and many other Ohio communities.

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