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Chimney Rebuilding & Restoration

Is your chimney seriously damaged? Have you been told that it needs to be rebuilt? In many cases, older, damaged chimneys need to be partially or completely rebuilt to restore safety and efficiency.

The Chimney Guys provides expert chimney rebuilding throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio, region. We also offer chimney water repellant treatments and other services designed to give your chimney a longer and more productive life.

chimney inspections in Pickerington OH & Grove City OHChimney Rebuilding Starts With an Inspection

Before we decide to rebuild a chimney for our Columbus customers, we want to have a good look at it. Occasionally, we find that skilled repair work is enough to get the structure back into shape.

When chimney rebuilding is necessary, we cover all the bases.

Structural Rebuilding

We can rebuild the entire chimney or just parts of it. A rebuilding job by our professional masons will make your chimney safe, strong, and beautiful again. This is work that should only be performed by reputable chimney technicians, never by novices or “handyman” types.

Letting amateurs rebuild your chimney can not only result in the chimney failing long before its time, but it can also nullify homeowner’s insurance claims for a damaged chimney.

Brick Replacement and Tuckpointing

When only a few bricks are damaged, we can replace them individually. When mortar joints between the bricks are crumbling, we perform tuckpointing to remove the old mortar and fill the gaps with a strong new compound.

Smoke Chamber Parging

Smoothing out the surfaces of the smoke chamber, which is located just above the damper, is sometimes necessary to allow smoke to draft properly and prevent huge buildups of creosote and soot in the drafting chamber. This job is called parging.

Chimney Crown Rebuilding

The concrete crown that covers the entire top of the chimney except for the flue opening is susceptible to cracking as years pass and weather and natural disasters take their toll.

A quality crown rebuilding or resurfacing job will keep water out of the interior areas of your flue, and ensure that your chimney is free of leaks and water intrusion. 

Causes of Major Chimney Damage

Chimney structures can be damaged as a result of:

  • Earthquakes, lightning strikes, hailstorms, and tornadoes.
  • Chimney fires that destroy masonry from the inside out.
  • Poor-quality materials or shoddy construction.
  • Water leaks through the cap, crown, flashing or masonry.
  • Neglecting regular maintenance, such as chimney sweeping, inspections and prompt repairs when needed.
  • Old age, which will finally catch up with every chimney.

Highly rated masons in Reynoldsburg OH & Newark OHHistoric Chimney Restoration

Along with chimney rebuilding to address major damage, our experienced crew also performs historic chimney restorations and cosmetic upgrades. Like you, we want your chimney to not only operate safely and efficiently but to also look fantastic at all times.

Learn More About Chimney Rebuilding in Columbus

If your chimney is broken, destroyed or just an eyesore, our masons are standing by to help. Along with rebuilding, we provide chimney sweeping, inspections, all types of repairs and the installation of fireplaces and stoves.

Since 2004, The Chimney Guys has offered professional chimney rebuilding in Columbus OH, Reynoldsburg OH, New Albany OH, Mount Vernon OH, Pickerington OH, Hilliard OH, Blacklick OH, Dublin OH, Lewis Center OH, Grove City OH, Canal Winchester OH, and many other Ohio communities.

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