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Best Chimney Repair Service

A lot can go wrong with a chimney. Fortunately, there are ways to address every type of damage and malfunction issue. The Chimney Guys provides expert chimney repair services throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio, region. Here’s some helpful information for you about how our expertise can benefit you.

Chimney liner repair in Columbus OH and Reynoldsburg OHChimney Liner Repair

Most chimney liners are made from stainless steel, clay tiles or a poured-in-place compound. When a liner becomes damaged, it can allow heat, flames and deadly combustion gases to escape. We can repair or resurface many damaged liners; in some cases, we’ll recommend a replacement with a durable new stainless-steel chimney liner.

Masonry Repair

Damaged masonry lets water into the chimney system, which compromises its structural integrity and can affect many chimney components. We offer brick replacement when old bricks are cracked or spalling. For crumbling mortar joints, we offer tuckpointing, a process that scrapes out old mortar and adds a strong new compound. To protect the masonry, we can apply a powerful water repellant.

Chimney Crown Repair

Cracked chimney crowns will allow water to run down into the interior chimney spaces. We seal crowns that have minor damage. If a crown is seriously deteriorated, we’ll rebuild it entirely.

Chimney Flashing Replacement

Flashing seals the gap between the chimney and the roof. If it’s warped, rusted out or separated, water can spill into unseen areas of your home, damaging the home’s building materials and chimney masonry. Most of the time, we’ll recommend replacing damaged flashing.

Chimney Rebuilding

Chimneys with significant structural damage from a chimney fire, lightning strike, hail storm or other event often need to be rebuilt. The Chimney Guys provides partial and complete chimney rebuilding for our Columbus customers.

Chimney Cap and Chase Top Replacement

Chimney caps and chase tops serve to keep water out of the chimney system. If they become damaged by weather events or plain old age, you can be looking at significant water intrusion and eventual deterioration throughout the chimney system. We replace chimney caps and chimney chase tops.

Smoke Chamber Parging

The smoke chamber, located just above the throat damper and firebox, is designed to channel smoke into the flue. When the chamber’s surfaces are rough, cracked or split, drafting will be hampered. Smoke chamber parging is how we smooth out the surfaces and increase the efficiency of your fireplace and chimney.

Columbus OH Chimney Inspections

The Chimney Guys offers licensed chimney inspections in and around Columbus. We’ll determine the cause of any chimney issue and get to work fixing it.

Our technicians are fully trained in all aspects of chimney repair, chimney rebuilding, relining, venting, construction and troubleshooting. We know your chimney inside and out, and we know what it takes to keep it running safely and efficiently.

Firebox Repair Masonry Chimney Repairs Columbus OH

Firebox Repair

Damaged firebox masonry and panels can cause unsafe operating conditions. We provide complete firebox repair and panel replacement. 

Your Chimney Repair Experts

The Chimney Guys is standing by to help with chimney repairs, as well chimney sweeping, chimney inspections and the installation of fireplaces and stoves.

Whatever your fireplace and chimney needs may be, our experienced and certified technicians can help! 

Since 2004, we’ve provided professional chimney repair services in Columbus OH, Pataskala OH, New Albany OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Westerville OH, Blacklick OH, Dublin OH, Hilliard OH, Canal Winchester OH, Galloway OH, Groveport OH, and many other Ohio communities.

Reach us at (614) 446-1221, or get in touch with our contact form.