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Custom Chimney Caps

Water inside a chimney system can lead to serious problems. Chimney tops are one of the best ways to prevent those problems, but some people aren’t sure about the difference between a chimney cap and a flue cover and which one they should choose.

Protect your chimney with a new chase cover installation in Blacklick OH & Westerville OHThe Chimney Guys install all types of chimney tops throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio, region. On this page, we want to talk about chimney caps, or, more specifically, full coverage chimney caps with outside mounts.

full coverage Chimney Cap Specs

These components are custom-built for your exact size of chimney. Made of sturdy metal, they cover the entire top of the chimney for the ultimate protection. (A flue cap, on the other hand, is a covering for just the flue opening.)

Six Benefits of a Chimney Cap for Your Columbus Chimney

A custom-built, full coverage chimney cap brings many benefits, including:

1. Protects the chimney crown

The concrete chimney crown is susceptible to cracking over time. If water gets in the cracks and freezes and expands, the crown can eventually break apart. This will send water down into the chimney system, where it can damage the chimney liner, interior masonry, fireplace damper and nearby materials of your home. Chimney caps protect the crown.

2. Keeps rain away from the masonry

Custom chimney caps typically have a three-inch drip edge, but it can be as wide as nine inches. A drip edge helps protect exterior bricks and mortar from water damage.

3. Prevents flue obstructions

With an unprotected flue opening, small animal nests and tree debris can obstruct drafting and cause smoke and deadly carbon monoxide to back up into your home. The mesh sides of a quality chimney cap will keep all the junk out of your chimney.

4. Contains sparks

The mesh sides also retain sparks and embers that sometimes fly out of chimneys. Without a cap, these fiery particles can damage the roof as well as things down in the yard.

5. Improve drafting

Chimney caps help regulate the flow of air in and out of chimneys, thereby making drafting more efficient, which leads to fewer repairs and lower utility bills.

6. Adds beauty

Not only are outside-mount chimney caps beneficial in the operation of your chimney, they’re also handsome amenities that can be customized for a single or double flue opening.

Chimney Cap Installation in Columbus

You can take a look at your chimney cap and tell if it’s damaged to the point that it needs replacing. If you’re using a standard flue cover, whether it’s damaged or not, you might consider upgrading to a full coverage cap for greater protection.

The Chimney Guys will help you decide on the perfect design and style for your custom chimney cap and then install it for you correctly and safely.

Chase covers and chimney top repairs and installations in Lewis Center, OHCall Your Local Chimney Experts

The Chimney Guys provides custom chimney cap service as well as certified chimney sweeping, chimney inspections, chimney repairs and the installation of fireplaces and stoves.

Since 2004, we’ve served customers in Columbus OH, Reynoldsburg OH, Westerville OH, New Albany OH, Heath OH, Johnstown OH, Hilliard OH, Powell OH, Grove City OH, Canal Winchester OH, Blacklick OH, and many other Ohio communities.

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