Experiencing Problems With Your Gas Appliance? We’re Here for You.

Common problems with a gas-fueled fireplace, insert, or stove include the pilot light not turning on or staying lit, glass that keeps getting dirty, a noisy fan, issues with the main burner, and… the list goes on.

All these problems add up to one thing – you’re not able to use your system with ease, enjoyment, and peace of mind. Because of this, investing in professional gas appliance services from a certified and knowledgeable team of techs is a must. The good news for homeowners in and around Columbus is that The Chimney Guys is qualified to handle the job.

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What to Expect From Us

  • We ensure all parts are working efficiently, guaranteeing safer use and heightened efficiency.
  • We remove and inspect all necessary components to ensure all parts are functioning as they should be.
  • We offer a thorough explanation of any issues, as well as recommendations for further maintenance (if needed).

How Often Does My Gas Appliance Need Servicing?

Here’s a common misconception with gas appliances: Since they’re lower maintenance, they don’t need as many inspections as a wood-burning system.

This isn’t correct. In fact, no matter what type of fuel you’re burning, your chimney and fireplace should be receiving annual inspections to ensure optimum performance and no presence of potential threats or hazards.

Interested in a New Gas Stove?

Speaking of gas… if you’ve been looking to invest in a new gas stove, we have the products for you. We sell options from both Regency and Valor, and we’d love for you to take a look and see if any of our systems meet your needs.

If you find something you like, please reach out. We’d be happy to get everything set up and professionally installed.

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Reach Out to Our Experts Today

Whether you have questions that need answering or just want to set up your next appointment, we’re here to help. Call 614-446-1221 or request an appointment through our site today.


A regular chimney sweeping goes a long way toward keeping your chimney operating effectively. That’s why we include it in our chimney cleaning and inspection services.