Missing or Crumbling Mortar Joints? Hire Us for Tuckpointing Services

What tuckpointing is: an intricate, time-consuming process that takes care, patience, and professional knowledge.

What tuckpointing isn’t: a quick caulking job that can be done by just anyone.

For a job done right, be sure to trust our experts from the very start.

Our Steps for Tuckpointing

We’re certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), which means we know how important it is to follow specific steps when approaching a tuckpointing job. Here’s a quick summary of our process:

  1. Remove the old, crumbling mortar: Any mortar that’s crumbled, falling out, or weakened should be taken out completely. It’s no longer serving a purpose for your structure, and failing to remove it before adding fresh mortar will only cause more harm.
  2. Clean out the mortar joints: The new mortar needs to be able to adhere to the existing mortar, so ensuring all of the joints are properly cleaned out and dust-free is a must.
  3. Preparing the new mortar: This is where our training and technical knowledge really comes into play. You cannot simply fill these joints with store-bought caulk. The new mortar must be mixed to precisely match the old in both color and composition.
  4. Packing and tooling the mortar: Believe or not, packing in new mortar is a bit of an artform too. Knowing how to approach it, as well as when to scrape off the excess and when to add more, is important. Then comes tooling and shaping, which also takes precision and plays a big role in how your final results turn out.

Needless to say, to get a tuckpointing done right, trusting a trained professional for the task is imperative. To obtain long-lasting, attractive results, ask our team about your scheduling options today.

Our Crew Can Help You Out

Our masons are experienced, certified, licensed, and insured. When you trust us with your home and chimney, you can rest easier knowing you are in the best hands around.

Call 614-446-1221 to talk with a member of our team or you can reach out to us online anytime. We can’t wait to hear from you soon.

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