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Always trust a certified tech for your tuckpointing and masonry repair services. We’re here to assist homeowners in Newark, Swans, Idlewild Park, Lloyd Corners, Heath, Welsh Hills, Central City, Locust Grove, Fleatown, Vanatta, Marne, Gahanna, Reynoldburg, Pataskala, Granville, Ben, and more.

Bricks can last a lifetime if properly protected, but mortar joints aren’t known to hold out as long – which is why every two to three decades, tuckpointing services should be administered. And in order to get the good-looking, long-lasting results you deserve, having a trained and certified mason perform the job is always the recommended approach.

Why Trusting a Pro for Tuckpointing Is a Must

  • The old and new mortar should match in composition. Not all mortar is the same, and basic store-bought caulk definitely isn’t the best for your masonry either. There are lots of factors to consider when matching up mortar compositions (like when the structure was built, who did the job, what materials they used, climate conditions, etc.), all of which play a role in ensuring your new mortar holds strong and does its job.
  • The old and new mortar should match in color. There are endless mortar colors, tints, and shades that can be used, so matching old to new in tuckpointing jobs isn’t always easy – especially if the original mortar is decades old. Trust us for the best results, so your aesthetic doesn’t suffer.
  • The mortar needs to be applied correctly. Mortar is more than just a cosmetic addition to your home. It also plays a role in keeping your bricks secure and your structure strong and protected against leak damage. And if it isn’t applied correctly? Well, then water is sure to find any weak spots and trigger damage. Professionals can get the job done right from start to finish.
  • Professionally-completed jobs ensure improved property value. All in all, trusting experts for this time-consuming and intricate process is always going to be the best route when it comes to maintaining and/or improving the value of your home. Guarantee the best results possible by trusting The Chimney Guys.

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