Don’t Neglect Your Furnace Flue Cleaning… Hire Us for the Job

You may regularly invest in chimney sweepings for your fireplace, but what about your furnace? Your furnace vents through a flue too, and like your fireplace, it also needs regular cleanings. And failing to invest in professional maintenance can invite all kinds of problems, like inefficiency, gas leaks, and premature breakdowns.

Why Are Furnace Flue Cleanings Important?

  • Cleanings keep your furnace running more efficiently. A clog-free system will always provide better results. This guarantees reliable, consistent heat without putting excess strain on your system in the process.
  • Cleanings keep your monthly bills lower. The harder and longer your furnace system has to work to keep your home warm and comfortable, the more your monthly energy bills will increase.
  • Cleanings prolong the life of the unit. A furnace that’s overworked and rarely maintained is much more likely to break down earlier than expected – leaving you shelling out some major dollars for a replacement.
  • Cleanings help prevent exposure to harmful gases. Namely… carbon monoxide. This colorless, odorless gas is highly poisonous and extremely hard to detect. Taking all necessary measures to avoid exposure is a must.
Chimney needing repairing and cleaning with smoke coming out of the top.

Doesn’t My Furnace Tech Cover Cleanings?

If you’ve recently had a furnace technician or HVAC specialist out to look your system over, you may be wondering if cleaning services from us are still necessary. Annual tune-ups from these techs is important for keeping your system in tip-top shape, but when it comes to the chimney, calling us out is still a necessity.

It’s a similar situation with real estate chimney inspections. Home inspectors and HVAC techs both have important jobs. And while they are specialists in their field, they aren’t chimney experts – and chimney cleanings aren’t part of their job.

Need Furnace Flue Relining Services?

In addition to cleaning and servicing your furnace flue, we also offer relining services. If your furnace liner has experienced extensive damage, a cleaning isn’t going to help anything. Fortunately, we can install a new stainless steel liner, so that you don’t have to stress about further damage anytime soon.

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Tech holding a tape measure to a chimney liner.

Yes, even your gas fireplace needs a regular inspection and is available as one of our chimney cleaning and inspection services.