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Thousands of chimney fires occur every single year, causing significant damage and increasing homeowners’ likelihood of experiencing gas leaks and house fires later on. What’s most unfortunate about these events, though, is that chimney fires are preventable if proper care and preventive measures are taken ahead of time.

What Causes Chimney Fires?

The biggest cause of chimney fires is creosote buildup. Creosote is a black or brown substance that forms as wood is burned in your fireplace. It’s highly combustible, harmful to your masonry and chimney liner, and it needs to be cleaned out by a professional sweep on a regular basis.

The more creosote you have, the higher your chances of experiencing a chimney fire. And, because most chimney fires occur slowly, quietly, and unbeknownst to the homeowner, you could have had one without even knowing.

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Big or Small, We Can Handle All of Your Chimney Needs

If your inspection revealed more than just buildup – i.e. masonry damage, missing parts, a faulty liner, etc. – we can help with all of that too. Our full service list includes:


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We also sell and install quality stoves from Regency and Valor in both wood and gas. Reach out for more details.

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