Granville Homeowners Avoid the Freeze/Thaw Cycle With Services From The Chimney Guys

Avoid masonry decay and deterioration with leak prevention services from us. We serve Granville, Welsh Hills, Union Station, Central City, Scott Corners, Heath, Alexandria, Pataskala, Idlewild Park, Fredonia, Pinecrest Estates, Newark, Gahanna, Pickerington, and more.

Did you know that your brickwork is very porous? Because of this, investing in leak prevention services is imperative for protecting the health and integrity of your chimney. If proper maintenance isn’t applied, you’re likely to experience masonry decay, water damage, and cracking from the freeze/thaw cycle.

What Happens During the Freeze/Thaw Cycle?

Here in the Columbus area, freezing temperatures are something we’re all too familiar with during the winter months – and this is when the freeze/thaw cycle occurs. Essentially, the water that was absorbed into your bricks during the warmer months freezes, expands, and puts pressure on your masonry, causing small cracks to start forming.

As temps rise and fall above and below freezing multiple times a season, new gaps will form, fill with water, then freeze and cause the damage to spread.

Avoid Freeze/Thaw Damage With Waterproofing

So, how can this cycle be avoided? The best thing you can do is invest in professional waterproofing services. We use quality products that come with a 10-year warranty when applied by a qualified sweep. For a job done right, depend on us from the very start.

And be sure to ask about our other leak prevention services too. These include custom chimney cap installation, custom chase cover installation, flashing repair services, and crown repairs.

Need Further Chimney Repairs?

Need other types of chimney repairs? In addition to leak repairs and prevention, we also offer:


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And once everything is back in good shape, be sure to book your chimney cleaning and inspection services every year. We offer sweepings, annual inspections, virtual assessments, real estate inspections, furnace flue cleanings, and gas fireplace services.

Interested in a New Appliance?

Looking to invest in a new stove? We install both gas and wood stoves from quality brands. When it comes to installation services, hiring a professional who’s trained and knowledgeable is important for maintaining a safer and more efficient appliance. Count on us for it all, so you can rest easier all year long.

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