We Install Long-Lasting, Durable Chimney Chase Covers

If your chase cover is showing signs of damage or you think it may be the culprit behind some newly found leaks, give us a call right away. Without a properly fitting chase cover, your system will be a lot more vulnerable to damage, and buying a new one right away is the best way to avoid costly repairs later on.

Signs Your Chase Cover Needs Replacing

  • It’s dented or sagging. Stock covers are known for being made from cheaper, weaker metals. This makes them much more likely to sag under the weight of snow and ice, as well as face dents after bouts of bad weather and exposure to heavy winds.
  • It’s rusted or corroded. Rust is bound to form on poorly made chase covers, and if yours has faced dents and damage, water will be more likely to pool and cause corrosion too. If there are any signs of rust or decay, be sure to get on the phone with us right away.
  • The fit seems off. Windy days and curious animals are both known to cause shifting in a chase cover’s fit – especially if it wasn’t installed correctly to begin with. There should be no wiggling, wobbling, or shifting at all.
  • There are holes in the cover. Obviously a hole in your chase cover is a huge sign that something isn’t right – and that some professional care is needed right away. If you notice any holes or openings, don’t wait to call us in. Putting off care can lead to even further damage.

Are Crowns & Chase Covers the Same Thing?

This is a common question that chimney and fireplace owners experience, so we figure it’s worth addressing here. No – crowns and chase covers are two different components.

Crowns are meant specifically for masonry chimneys. They should be built from a concrete-based mixture, fitted specifically to your setup. Concrete crowns should be at least two-inches thick at their thinnest point, and they should extend past the edge of the chimney to ensure water can easily run off and away from the sides of your chimney.

Chase covers, on the other hand, can be fitted on both prefabricated chimneys and masonry setups. They serve the same purpose as a crown – directing water away from the chimney or chase – only they’re made from metal or stainless steel, rather than a thick layer of concrete.

We assist with both crown repairs/rebuilds and chase cover installations, so whatever you need, please reach out!

Jesse sitting in the top of a chimney holding up a chimney crown with roof tops in the background.

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Repairing or replacing damaged flashing is a great way to stop a leaky chimney.