Are You Burning Seasoned Firewood in Johnstown? According to The Chimney Guys, You Should Be

Burning seasoned wood is one way to avoid a smoky living space and encourage cleaner fires. If you live in Johnstown, Tylers Corners, Ralph, Appleton, Panhandle Corners, Croton, Alexandria, New Way, Beech, Center Village, Ash, Scott Corners, New Albany, Newark, Pickerington, or anywhere nearby, rely on us for more tips and quality care.

Wondering what you can do, as a homeowner, to keep your chimney and fireplace functioning well with every burning season? Well, one big tip we encourage is burning seasoned firewood – and only seasoned firewood.

What Is Seasoned Wood?

Seasoned firewood is wood that has been adequately dried out, ideally for at least a 6-month period. Fresh or wet wood isn’t good to use because your fire is forced to use up energy burning through all that extra water. As it burns, vapors are formed that leave you with a fire that produces a lot of smoke, doesn’t burn as hot, and increases creosote accumulation.

How can you tell wet wood from seasoned wood? Seasoned wood will be lighter in weight, likely with darkened, split ends. It will also make a hollow clunking noise when smacked against another piece (as opposed to a dull thud).

We suggest seasoning your own wood to ensure it’s in prime condition for burning or, if you’re buying, using a moisture meter, which will let you know precisely if the wood is ready for the fire. Well-seasoned wood will hold a moisture content of around 15 – 25%.

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