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There are lots of reasons your smoke chamber may need some repair work. It could have gaps, cracks, or missing bricks… The walls might be too thin… The chamber itself could be wrongly sized… Or maybe it was built with a corbeled stair-step design, which is common in older systems.

All smoke chambers should be smooth, with no cracks or imperfections to speak of. If this isn’t the case for you, then it’s time to call in our experts.

Where Exactly Is the Smoke Chamber?

Not all fireplace owners know where the smoke chamber lies, probably because it’s pretty hard to actually see. It’s not openly visible, and getting a good look would require a flashlight and, most likely, a strain on your neck muscles.

So, where is it? Well, you have your firebox, which is where the fires are built, and you have your chimney, which is how smoke from the firebox escapes. But if the smoke went straight from the firebox opening to the small chimney flue, things wouldn’t flow so smoothly, would they?

That’s where the smoke chamber comes in. It’s essentially an upside down cone that’s built between the firebox and chimney to help efficiently funnel the smoke and fumes to your chimney’s bottom opening.

Close up of a tech installing smoke chamber in fireplace install.

Does Smoke Chamber Parging Improve Efficiency?

You bet. Smoke chamber parging smooths out all the bumps, ridges, and steps in your smoke chamber, meaning smoke won’t get caught up on its way to your chimney. This does a few important things:

  • It ensures smoke doesn’t bounce back and enter your living space.
  • It keeps airflow moving smoothly.
  • It minimizes buildup in your smoke chamber, reducing decay and decreasing the chance of chimney fires.

Not to mention, most building codes nowadays actually require that the smoke chamber be parged. Meaning, getting it done now will make for a smoother transition come time to sell or renovate.

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