If your home boasts a fireplace or two, staying on top of masonry repairs can help keep it operating at its best. Many chimney repairs can be done year-round, but is there an optimal time to get this maintenance completed?

Most pros will say you should consider scheduling them right when the burn season comes to a close. Which means right now – in the springtime – is ideal for booking with us. If you live in the Columbus area, The Chimney Guys would love to help you out.

Why Is Springtime Good for Chimney Repairs?

branches and pink flowers with a home in the backgroundWhy do experts recommend booking maintenance this time of year? Spring’s favorable conditions and timing benefits make it a prime season for efficient and effective repairs. Using this season’s advantages to stay on top of chimney care will help ensure that your fireplace system is in excellent condition for the next heating system – and beyond.

Curing & Bonding

When completing tuckpointing repairs, old mortar will be extracted and replaced with new. Once the new mortar is in place it begins to cure, and this process requires temperatures that are warm and dry, but not too hot, to be most successful.

Colder temps will make the process slower and less effective, which could affect the durability of your repairs. In contrast, warmer spring temperatures provide an environment for better bonding and curing of materials, meaning you’ll likely get a higher quality, longer lasting repair.

Winter Damage

The fluctuations in temperature and weather conditions that are common during an Ohio winter can be hard on your masonry. This is particularly true of the freeze/thaw process, during which moisture that enters pores in the brick can expand when temperatures drop below freezing. Then, when the water thaws, it leaves behind damage that allows more moisture in to exacerbate the issue.

Additionally, chimneys sustain the most use in the winter, meaning normal wear and tear has occurred and routine maintenance needs become apparent. If left unaddressed through additional winters, damage can become quite severe – so spring becomes an important time for taking stock of your chimney system’s condition and staying on top of maintenance and repairs.

Your Chimney’s on Break

Another reason springtime is great for chimney repairs? With burn season at an end, you simply aren’t using it. Having repairs take place in the season you aren’t craving some fireside comfort is a no-brainer. Scheduling repairs for spring means they won’t creep into autumn’s chilly evenings when you wish your fireplace was in full commission for use.

Ease of Scheduling

If you want your fireplace ready to use by next burn season, you should note that late summer and fall tend to be busy for chimney companies, with fireplace aficionados clambering to get inspections in before winter is in full swing. Scheduling is easier in springtime.

Plan to stay ahead of the game by getting on the books when things are quieter, and you can also enjoy the unhurried feeling of knowing you’ll have space for repairs to be completed if any delay should arise. If you have a more involved project in mind, such as an installation or complete rebuild, it will require a longer stretch of time and good weather.

Facilitating Other Home Repairs

prefabricated chimney with a steel chase cover and capIf you’re planning to complete other home repairs in the near future, keep in mind that having chimney work done first is often the right move. For instance, most roofing contractors would suggest a homeowner complete chimney work before roof work to minimize traffic and potential wear on his or her work. As you evaluate your home maintenance and repairs, be strategic about when to get them scheduled in relation to each other.

Health & Safety Considerations

Repairs to chimney masonry will involve dust and debris. Milder weather will allow for better ventilation throughout the repair process, minimizing dust accumulation that can be uncomfortable and aggravating to health.

Our experienced chimney professionals are equipped to complete all weather-allowable services and repairs year-round. Yet, fair weather repairs do decrease hazards for you chimney technicians as well, as the chimney is more readily accessible and surfaces are likely less slippery compared to a winter fix.

Spring Into Action – Book With Us Today

Springtime inspections and masonry repairs offer many advantages. If you’re ready to get an expert perspective on a fireplace or chimney project you’re considering, or if it’s time to move ahead with some repairs, get in touch with our team today. Because of our breadth of industry knowledge and wide range of services, we’re able to orchestrate all the moving pieces of a job, whether big or small.

When you trust The Chimney Guys, you’re trusting decades of experience and high standards of professionalism. Protecting our customers is paramount, which is why we’re fully licensed and insured. It’s also why we maintain ongoing education to stay current in chimney industry knowledge and best practices, and why we’ll even text you a picture of the tech you can expect in your home to increase accountability and safety.

And as our consumer reviews attest, our communication is prompt, friendly, and transparent. If you’re ready to get some springtime work done, you can be sure we’ll be at the other end of the line, responsive and equipped to meet your needs. Call us at 614-446-1221 or book online today to get started.