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Columbus OH Caps and Covers

The top of your Columbus chimney needs to be protected from rain, snow, leaves, twigs, and small animals. When these things get into your chimney flue, big problems are on the way. The Chimney Guys can install a variety of sturdy, protective chimney tops to keep the problems from happening.

Chimney caps in Columbus, OH.

The Dangers of Water and Debris Intrusion

Water and debris in a chimney flue can lead to:

  • Chimney liner damage
  • The eventual escape of smoke, carbon monoxide and flames
  • Draft blockages that send smoke and combustion gases into your Columbus home
  • A more aggressive chimney fire, should one start
  • A smelly chimney

Custom Full-Width Chimney Caps

These components cover the entire top of a chimney, protecting both the flue and the concrete chimney crown. Sized correctly and beautiful, a custom chimney cap is the ultimate protection against rain, debris and small animals.

We repair and install custom full-width chimney caps throughout Columbus, Ohio.

Chimney Chase Covers

If you have a factory-built chimney, then you have a chimney chase cover, which is similar in function to a full-width chimney cap. Cheaper covers are made of materials that are prone to rust and decay. The chase covers we install are built from quality stainless steel that will provide many years of reliable performance.

We repair and install new chimney chase covers and storm collars for manufactured chimneys.

Chimney tops in Columbus, OH.

Flue Covers

While we always recommend topping your chimney with a full-width cap, a simple flue cover will do an excellent job at keeping junk out of the flue. Like full-sized caps, flue covers have mesh sides and a solid top to keep rain, debris and nest-building animals out of your interior chimney.

We repair and install basic flue covers.

Top-Mount Chimney Dampers

We suggest top-mount dampers to our Columbus, Ohio, customers for several reasons. Not only do they do the same job of regulating the draft as throat dampers (located just above your firebox), they also serve as secure chimney tops to block rain and debris.

They also can be tightly closed, which keeps the flue warmer during the winter months and dramatically reduces the occurrence of downdrafts. Top-mount dampers operate with a cable-pulley system that anyone can use.

We repair and install top-mount chimney dampers.

Columbus Chimney Top Installation and Inspection

The Chimney Guys is here to help with routine and emergency chimney top installations. If a damaged top has led to problems in any part of your chimney system, we’ll perform an inspection and recommend to you the best way to resolve the issue.

Along with repair and installation of chimney top components, we offer a full line of chimney repair work covering the masonry, chimney liner, chimney crown and other parts of a modern chimney system.

Protect Your Columbus Chimney

A quality chimney top is one of the best ways to protect your chimney from damage and decay. Since 2014, we’ve serviced chimney tops for customers in and around Columbus, including:

Polaris, Westerfield, Forest Park East, University District, Bexley, Clintonville, Worthington, Harrison West, Brewery District, Whitehall, Powell, Worthington Hills, Flint, Short North Arts District, Upper Arlington, North Linden, Hilliard Green, Lincoln Village, German Village, Olde Towne East, Uptown District, Grandview Heights, and the entire Columbus Metro area.

Wherever you live, reach us at (614) 756-3123 or get in touch with our contact form.