Is your fireplace old? Outdated? Not functioning as efficiently as you’d like? Consider working with us for a redesign or remodel. These are services that can seem intimidating and time-consuming at first, but most are a lot more straightforward and streamlined than homeowners realize. And when you work with us, we guarantee to get things done in accordance with your schedule, budget, and preferences.

Options for Your Fireplace Redesign

Ready to get started? We’ve got some great options to explore.

✓ Upgrade to an Insert

feet with cozy socks on by the fireplaceInserts are a popular option for homeowners because they’re known for their high efficiency levels, and they don’t change the look of your setup significantly. These can simply be inserted into an existing fireplace, offering big benefits in the process.

Inserts are also great for fuel conversions. If you’re sick of losing heat up a wood-burning fireplace, having a gas insert installed is an easy way to amp up efficiency – while upgrading to a lower-maintenance system while you’re at it.

✓ Have a Stove Installed

Think a wood or gas stove would be a better fit for your home’s setup? Stoves offer countless benefits, so it’s not surprising that many homeowners look to make this investment. Some of the advantages of these systems include:

  • They’re energy-efficient and offer a lot of heat output.
  • They’re aesthetically-pleasing and come in a range of styles and sizes.
  • Because they’re efficient, you can lower your thermostat – and lower energy costs.
  • Both wood and gas options can function without electricity, so no worries about losing out on heat and light during a power outage.
  • Installation is straightforward – especially when you trust our experts for the job.

We sell both gas stoves and wood stoves. We’d be happy to discuss your options with you and find something that would best suit your needs.

✓ Invest in a New Fireplace Surround

Your fireplace surround is the piece that well… surrounds your fireplace. They’re essentially decorative elements that help to personalize your setup to your own tastes and style – and there are lots of options available for these.

Work with us to explore the different material types, colors, sizes, and more. We can go a more modern, sleek, and streamlined route, or we can figure out a more traditional and timeless option. Whatever you have in mind, our team is confident that we can create it for you.

✓ Invest in a New Components

We offer a long list of chimney components, all of which can offer improvements in terms of both look and function. A new chimney cap, for instance, can greatly improve the appearance of your chimney exterior, and it’ll guarantee long-lasting protection from rain, sleet, snow, curious critters, outside debris, and more.

Ask us about our custom chase covers, custom chimney caps, new flashing installs, and more.

✓ Book Brick Wall Repairs

Is your brick wall looking less than desirable? We’re masonry repair experts, and we can restore it back to its former glory. One thing is for sure, though – this isn’t something to put off. If your masonry is already experiencing damage, it’ll only worsen as water and outside debris continue to break it down.

Ensure you’re coming home to beautiful brickwork everyday by reaching out to our experts for assistance.

Why Invest in a Fireplace Restoration, Remodel, or Redesign?

Why do many opt for a fireplace redesign? Here are some of the more common reasons homeowners throughout the Columbus area might make this investment:

  • masonry chimney against a blue skySwitching Fuel Types: We noted above how switching from wood to gas with a gas insert is one of the easiest ways to go about it. If you’re looking to switch fuels, we’re certain we can figure out a smooth path to get you there.
  • Increasing Home Value: Outdated or inefficient fireplaces can lower home value, so if you’re looking to move anytime down the line, an upgrade may be in your best interests. Just do it early, so you can enjoy the new system for a while too!
  • Modernizing Your Look: Some systems look older, but it works as a more classic and traditional vibe. Other times… not so much. If your system looks outdated, a new fireplace front can make a world of difference.
  • Matching Your Style: Maybe your system isn’t exactly outdated, but it’s just not your style. We get it! And we’ve got you covered. Tell us what you’re envisioning, so we can work together to bring your dreams to life.

Book With Our Knowledgeable Techs Today

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Rest assured – we know our stuff. And we put time into furthering our education, too, always ensuring we’re staying up-to-date and in-the-know on industry news and advancements.

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